About Writacle

About Writacle

Writing is miracle. It is the most widely used way to socialize and communicate since the beginning of a recorded history. We know something happened because someone somewhere wrote it and left it for us to read. And yet, it isn’t bound to the realm of reality, for writing could be anything a writer may imagine.

Writacle is a collection of original articles, stories and poems. Here, we let our imagination go wild and find its way back home in the form of words. Our motive is to make web a better place for readers.

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Digital Creator

An unusual blend of a socializer, scribbler, bibliophile and hodophile. I like to read and write blogs, short stories, poems and the whole caboodle.



A versatile person with a passion for creating something special out of ordinary. I'm an empathic writer who likes to write and draw her musings.


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