Importance Of Time Management | How Much Time Do You Really Have?

Time is money

We often use the phrase “Time is Money” to depict the importance of time in our life. But, is it an accurate analogy? Unlike money, the time once spent can never be earned back. It is like a one-way road with no U-turn.

After life itself, time is the second most precious thing in the world. The best thing about time is that it is unbiased. You’ve got the same 24 hours in your day as any other living being. It changes for no one. And the worst thing about time is that it isn’t your friend. It doesn’t stop or slows down for anyone.

An average human life expectancy is around 75 years. This is the total amount of time you have which includes your schooling, higher studies, job, sleep and all other daily chores. Though you can skip some of these activities, others can’t be skipped at all.

You’re bound to do certain things for your survival. Going to work is necessary to earn money and have food and shelter for your family. Sleeping is mandatory to stay healthy. Similarly, eating, cleaning, grooming and parenting are also essential for a balanced life. All these tasks consume time. So, the question arises, “How much time do you really have?”

Importance of time

Oxford conducted a study which shows that sleeping for 8 hours a day result in better cognitive abilities. That’s 25 years straight out of your total lifespan of 75 years. Now you’re left with only 50 years.

Working 8 hours a day for 45 years (from age of 20 till 65) costs 10 years in total. Watching television daily for an hour, using social media for 2 hours, and watching a movie twice in a month combined together consume another 9 years of your life. You spend 6 years doing daily household work like cooking, cleaning etc. Around 4 years are spent eating and drinking. Similarly, 3.5 years on education, 2.5 years on grooming, another 2.5 years on shopping, 2 years in daily travel and 1.5 years on childcare. Sighs!

Eventually, you’ll be left with only 9 years! That’s the total amount of time you have. No matter what you do, the time keeps on moving and you have to race against the clock to get things done. Those who do not understand the importance of time can easily be found wasting their time by doing things like

  • Complaining about everyone and everything.
  • Repeating the same mistakes.
  • Comparing themselves with others.
  • Waiting for the right time.
  • Talking without taking any action.
  • Having fear of failure.
  • Lack of priorities.
  • Trying to please others and worry about their opinions.

If you’re doing any of the above things, you need to stop doing it NOW. Time is limited. The days you’re living will never come back. Every second you’re spending is the part of those limited years you’ve left. So, you need to optimize it in order to make the best out of each and every moment of your life. Time is precious; more precious than money. And that is why Time Management should be your topmost priority.

To Do List

There are many ways to manage your time while increasing your efficiency. You can change your sleeping patterns, create a to-do list, set up reminders or download time management apps. But if you do not understand the importance of time, all those things will be of no use.

Time is the only thing you cannot buy or barter. No matter how much you’re willing to spend or what do you have to offer in exchange. If the time is gone, it’s gone. You can save yourself from the guilt of wasting it if you can learn to manage it now. It will not only help with a disciplined and successful career, but it’ll also help you to stay ahead in life.

Time management starts with a fast thinking and faster decision making abilities. If you can think fast, you take lesser time to decide and then you will have extra time in stock for yourself. Below are some basic things you need to remember to be a fast thinker:

  • Always prefer time over money.
  • Narrow down your options.
  • Listen to your gut feeling.
  • Be prepared for unexpected.
  • Differentiate between good and bad choices.
  • Remember indecision is the worst decision.

We all want to make the best out of 24 hours we get each day. Some people manage to be successful, happy, and contained in the same time period, while others struggle to find their aim and unable to stay focused. This results in the wastage of the most precious thing that we have i.e. Time.

Time management is a process of organizing and utilizing the available time in order to maximize productivity. Though time is limited, there’s no such thing as a shortage of time. In order to make the best out of the available time, you’ll need to manage it properly.

Benjamin Franklin said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” With distractions all around, it is now more important than ever to manage your time. Using 10 quick time management tips below, you can easily organize your time to achieve success in life.

  1. Complete the most important task first thing in the morning

  2. Use a calendar and add a “To-do” list in it.

  3. Do not multitask.

  4. Do not stick on small things. Move on.

  5. Learn to say NO.

  6. Do not answer each and every unnecessary call or text.

  7. Track the time you spend on each activity.

  8. Instead of waiting for an inspiration, do it NOW.

  9. Outsource unimportant things as much as you can.

  10. Set up a time limit for everything you do.

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