Who Am I?

I’m air, unseen but omnipresent I’m water, tasteless but essential I’m fire, blazing but warming I’m ice, chilling but refreshing I’m devil, wicked but enticing I’m god, almighty but merciful I’m past, gone but preserved I’m future, uncertain but expected I’m fiction, imaginary… Read More »Who Am I?



I’ve lived a thousand lives For something that never arrives Worth a fortune or couple of dimes It’s always been an uphill climb I’ve seen through thousand eyes A thousand joys and demise Seeing beauty turned into a ruin And everything that… Read More »Immortal


I was walking barefoot On the blades of grass. When I saw the castle Made of a tinted glass.  In the middle of wilderness It was as big as mountain Manned by dozens of guards Hiding behind the big fountain  Soles soaked in… Read More »Seven