I was walking barefoot 
On the blades of grass. 
When I saw the castle 
Made of a tinted glass. 
In the middle of wilderness 
It was as big as mountain 
Manned by dozens of guards 
Hiding behind the big fountain 
Soles soaked in dew and turf 
I ran towards the massive porch 
Amazed why I wasn’t stopped 
I entered inside with the torch 
A guard rushed behind me 
And guided me to the hallway 
The elevator opened as I reached 
And took me up to the skyway 
Charcoal clung to my feet 
As I de-boarded at the terrace ground 
Chimneys were exhaling gases 
air fueled with something foul 
I rushed back to the gate of lift 
but it wasn’t there anymore 
Alone on the suffocating roof 
I was frightened to the core 
Making my way to the edge 
I glanced down into the wild 
All but the castle was green 
I felt locked up and exiled 
Craving to go back again 
I climbed up to the handrail 
Gazed down at the giant oaks 
Helplessly I began to wail 
Longing to feel the nature 
I tempted myself into the distress 
If I had just ignored this castle 
I would’ve avoided a big mess 
With every second that passed 
I felt more and more strangled 
The harder I was trying to breath 
The more I was getting tangled 
Realised I’ve got nowhere to run 
I stretched my arms wide 
Dived off to embrace the earth 
I’d let the gravity be my guide 
Eyes shut for the final prayer 
I was hoping to land in heaven 
But then I woke up to the buzzer 
And my clock was striking seven. 

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